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Harpswell Hiking Challenge 2021

In 2020 the annual hiking challenge was cancelled by the host, American Hiking Society due to the pandemic. 

In Harpswell during this time we experienced an unprecedented increase in usage on our trails. That has continued into the spring of 2021 and we expect it to continue through summer and fall. 

As you can expect this increase in hiking popularity has brought its own set of challenges to our trails.

  • Trail degradation and trampled/disturbed vegetation

  • "Social" trails where people are not staying on the marked trails

  • Trash, dog waste and trail side toileting (leave-no-trace includes fruit peels!)

  • Surrounding property owners are reporting people parking in their yards

Due these issues we cannot in good conscience invite more people to hike our trails with an event of this size. We will not be holding a 2021 Hiking Challenge. 

During the spring and summer of 2021 the Cliff Trail will be undergoing a rehab to the first half mile of the trail partly in thanks to a RTP grant we received. The first half mile will be closed from May 1 - October 1 - the remainder of the trail will be open. Please click here for more information and a temporary trail map reflecting the changes.