Harpswell Recreation & Community Services
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Safer Walking Spaces in Harpswell (off the main roads)

Harpswell Neck:
--Allen Point Road, park at the Scout Hall (3.2 miles down and back)
--Mitchell Field (1.75 miles of paved road, .75 miles of gravel perimeter road)
--Hackett and Minot Trails are a woods walk (not hiking) and are located near the Centennial    Hall with parking there.
--Curtis Farm Preserve Field Trail is a good walking loop with parking.
--Basin Cove area with parking at the Curtis Preserve Lot
--Ash Point area with parking at HCA during the summer months
Orr's/Bailey Islands
--Lowells Cove Road on Orr’s Island (1 mile down and back)
--Houghton Graves Park is short, but a good walking loop to the water with parking.
--Abner Point Road with parking at the Town Lot .50 miles
Great Island
--Pinkham Point Road, parking at the ball field and crossing the road (+/- 2.75 mile walk down and back) 
Please Respect Private Property