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George J. Mitchell Field - Overnight Parking


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George J. Mitchell Field
Overnight Parking
Mitchell Field

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Facility Area Information

1410 Harpswell Neck Road
Harpswell, ME 04079
Contact: Town of Harpswell  Phone: (207) 833-5771

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Fee Schedule
Overnight Parking by Permit Available May 1 - October 15

If you have questions or need more info please contact Harbormaster, Paul Plummer at 207-833-5771 ext.106

Same day parking requests will not be granted. Please make reservations ahead of time.

There is NO camping/sleeping at Mitchell Field. Overnight parking requests must meet the criteria below:
1. Boaters using Mitchell Field as the beginning and end of their trip
2. Vessels must enter and leave the water at Mitchell Field – No remote parking
3. Two night maximum

Charge is per vehicle per night. Two night maximum.

· Individual Resident - $10.00
· Individual Non-resident - $20.00
· Commercial Operator - $35.00

Five total parking spaces are available on any one day on a first come, first served basis.

Overview of Overnight Parking Plan Process:
• Submit Float Plan/Overnight Parking application online or in-person
• Pay the computed fees once the application is approved
• Obtain the Parking Permit. (Print on-line or pick up at Town Office)
• Place it on the dashboard so it is visible from outside the car

User categories & restrictions:
• Individual – Owners & guests of boats moored at Mitchell Field
• Individual – Residents and non-residents, car or truck with rack or trailer.
• Commercial Operators – Van or large vehicle with multi-boat trailer
• Individual Restriction – Maximum of two approved applications at any one time.
• Commercial Operators Restriction – Maximum of two approved applications at any one time.
• Restrictions are to preclude one person or operator from scheduling a series of trips early.

Request Form:
• Requests are submitted using the Recreation Department on-line portal www.harpswellrecreation.com (Facility Category)
• Requests can also be made in-person at the Town Office to the Harbormaster. harbormaster@town.harpswell.me.usor 207-833-5771 ext. 106

Approval Process:
• Requests must be made at least 5 business days prior to requested start date.
• Only one commercial operator application will be approved for any one or two day period.

Vehicle limit:
• Application Limit – Two vehicles per Overnight Parking Application.
• Parking Area Limit – Five total spaces for Overnight Parking on any one day.
• The number of applications approved for a specific date will be based on parking spot availability. For example, a commercial operator with two vehicles and three individuals with one vehicle; five individuals with one vehicle, or any other combination.

Length of stay (# of days): Maximum of two nights per application. Multiple applications may not cover consecutive days.

Parking Area: The concrete pad (horseshoe shaped) next to the Bandstand.

• All fees must be paid prior to issuance of the parking permit.
• Charge per vehicle per night:
o Individual Resident - $10.00
o Individual Non-resident - $20.00
o Commercial Operator - $35.00

Front Gate Hours:
• In case of emergency, after hour departures require a call to the Sheriff, Harbormaster or Mitchell Field Steward, in that order to get the gate open .
• There is a $50 penalty if the gate must be unlocked after hours.

Launching restrictions & locations:
• Kayaks, canoes and hand-carried boats are to be launched & recovered from the south beach. See designated swimming area restrictions below.
• Launch & recovery operations from the north beach are prohibited.

Trash – Carry in, Carry out

For your safety and to protect this resource:
· Remain on the trails when in the forested area.
· Stay off the bluff on the southwest perimeter. It is unstable.
· The buildings and water tower, which are safety hazards, are off limits.
· Leave the soil undisturbed.
· No fires are allowed.
· No camping.
· Leave flowers and other vegetation for others to enjoy.
· Carry out what you carry in – all trash.

Prohibited Items:
· Intoxicating beverages
· Hunting

Animal Control:
· From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily, dogs must be leashed. Under owner control at all other times (dog must within sight and return upon command).
· Pet owners must immediately clean up any fecal deposits left by their pets.
· Feeding or touching wild animals is dangerous and forbidden.
· Report unusual animal behavior to the Animal Control Officer at 1 (800) 501-1111.

· Automobiles are allowed when the gate is open.
· Overnight parking is limited and allowed by permit only.
· All-terrain vehicles are not allowed.


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