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George J. Mitchell Field
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Mitchell Field

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Facility Area Information

1410 Harpswell Neck Road
Harpswell, ME 04079
Contact: Town of Harpswell  Phone: (207) 833-5771

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Mitchell Field & Bandstand Use Policy

Town of Harpswell George J. Mitchell Field & Harpswell Bandstand Use Policy
This policy applies to: Mitchell Field and Harpswell Bandstand: Groups over 50 attendees

Mitchell Field, including the Harpswell Bandstand, is the property of the Town of Harpswell.

The Board of Selectmen administers this Policy. The Selectmen may waive any provision of this policy if they determine that such waiver is consistent with the intent of this policy and in the public interest.

1. Mitchell Field and Harpswell Bandstand
a. This Use Policy shall apply to all groups, entities including but not limited to any not-for-profit organizations or assemblage which exceeds or is expected to exceed 50 people, and requires Selectmen approval. A streamlined approval process may be utilized for repeat group use applicants previously approved by the Board of Selectmen, for the Town’s three fire departments and for private functions such as weddings, reunions, and birthday parties that have more than 50 guests but less than 125. For these applicants, a one-page Mitchell Field Group Use form shall be used and staff shall have the authority to approve the request as long as it is consistent with the policy and rules.
b. While this policy does not apply to not-for-profit organizations or groups expecting fewer than 50 people, reserving a specific area through the Town is recommended.
c. Events are scheduled in half or full day increments. A half day is six hours or less. A full day is more than 6 hours, but less than 12 hours.
d. The Bandstand is solar powered and electricity can be provided up to 2800 watts.

2. General
a. Applicant: The applicant may be an individual, organization (not recognized by government) or a non-profit (recognized by government) or for profit organization. All groups must adhere to the rules regarding use of Mitchell Field, a copy of which is attached. All groups must comply with applicable laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination. All activities conducted at Mitchell Field shall comply with all State and federal laws and regulations and with all local ordinances. Activities that pose a threat to persons or property are prohibited. The use of Mitchell Field/Bandstand may be denied if the proposed event is inconsistent with the nature and location of the property. The Town reserves the right to refuse the use of Mitchell Field/Bandstand to any group. All applications must specify those areas of Mitchell Field for which the application is being made.
b. Reservation: The applicant must complete a Group Use application form requesting use for the event. The Town reserves the right to limit the number of events per day at Mitchell Field. First priority will be given to Town-sponsored events.
c. Duration: For any events lasting more than 12 hours, a double fee may be charged.
d. Security Deposit: A refundable security deposit, beyond the facility fee, equal to the applicable fee will be collected at the time of approval. This deposit shall be returned to the applicant within 30 business days of the event if all conditions of the Use Policy have been met.
e. Fees: Functions sponsored by the Town of Harpswell and school groups are exempt from fees. Applications proposed for use of both Mitchell Field and Bandstand will be charged full price for the principal use and .5 fee for the secondary use. Applicable fees are as specified below and are due upon approval of use:

Resident, taxpayer, Harpswell based organization or benefit to Harpswell residents or taxpayers:
Mitchell Field & Bandstand: .5 day $100 / full day $200

Individual or organization - NOT Harpswell based or no benefit to Harpswell residents or taxpayers:
Mitchell Field & Bandstand: .5 day $200 / full day $400

Not-for-profit (recognized by government)
Harpswell based or benefit to Harpswell: Mitchell Field, NO fee / Bandstand .5 day $100 / full day $200*
Not Harpswell based or no benefit to Harpswell: Mitchell Field, .5 day $100 / full day $200. Bandstand: .5 $200* / full day $400*

For profit entity (use approved by Board of Selectmen):
Up to 200 people, Mitchell Field & Bandstand: $500*+
201-500 people, Mitchell Field & Bandstand: $1000*+
over 500 people, Mitchell Field & Bandstand: $2000*+

*requires Selectmen approval regardless of size
*+ fees listed are minimum fees and may be subject to change during Selectmen review

f. Payment: Payment may be made in cash, check or credit card at the Harpswell Town Office.
g. Insurance: The applicant must provide a certificate of public liability insurance for the event. The Town of Harpswell must be named as an additional insured in the amount of $400,000.
h. Parking: All event parking must take place in designated areas approved by the Town.
i. Restrooms: Two handicap accessible portable restrooms are on premises from April through November. Applicant must provide additional restrooms, to be sited by the Town, at his/her expense for events with greater than 100 people (1 additional per 50 persons above 100). Portable restrooms must be removed immediately after the event.
j. Tent(s): If a tent(s) is to be used it must be sited by the Town and the applicant must provide the tent(s) at his/her own expense. Any tent(s) must be removed immediately after the event.
k. Barbecues/Cook Stoves: The applicant must provide his/her own barbecues or cook stoves and fuel. They must be approved for use in Mitchell Field by the Town and may be sited by the Town. No barbecues or cook stoves may be used inside the Bandstand or on the brick walkway.
l. Water: Drinking water is not available in Mitchell Field.
m. Electricity: Limited electricity is available in Mitchell Field. If the applicant requires electricity for an event, the event will be sited in an area where electricity is available. However, the applicant will be responsible for all associated costs. Solar powered electricity is available at the Bandstand.
n. Private Equipment: Utilization of private equipment within the facility is permitted with prior approval by the Town.
o. Noise: Amplified sound is allowed for an approved use provided it does not constitute a nuisance to the surrounding property owners. All amplified sound will cease not later than 10:00 pm.
p. Sub-Contractor: The applicant is responsible for adherence to all regulation by any subcontractor, employee or volunteer including but not limited to: caterers, musicians, etc.
q. Decorations: No physical changes may be made to the property in any way. No staples, screws, tacks, tape or any other material that may cause permanent damage shall be used to fasten or affix anything to the Bandstand, brick walkway, fence or to any structure.
r. Damage: Mitchell Field/Bandstand grounds must be left as found. This means no damage to or collecting of animals or plants, no refuse left behind and no damage to roads, trails, and structures. Violators will be responsible for restoring the facility to the condition it was in prior to the approved use.
s. Access: An event and its participants shall not interfere with the concurrent use and enjoyment of Mitchell Field by others and there shall be no entry charge for non-event users. Participants in events sponsored by non-profit organizations may be asked for voluntary donations.
t. Security: Groups exceeding 200 must provide private security covering the event.
u. Trash: Each applicant is responsible for providing trash receptacles that must be emptied at his/her own expense and removed immediately after the event.
v. Intoxicating Beverages: Prohibited on the premises.
w. Waterfront: Swim at your own risk – no lifeguard on duty.
x. Picnic Tables: Picnic tables may be used for events, all but two that must be left near the waterfront for use by others. Picnic tables must be returned to the waterfront area immediately after use.

3. Vendors
a. See Policy on Sale of Food Items at Mitchell Field by Nonprofits and Non-Profit Entity Request Form for Use of Mitchell Field to Sell Food Items.

Approved by the Board of Selectmen March 6, 2014
Fees amended by Board of Selectmen October 4, 2018 Amendments approved by the Board of Selectmen September 1, 2022

Rules for George J. Mitchell Field
For your safety and to protect this resource:
· Remain on the trails when in the forested area.
· Stay off the bluff on the southwest perimeter. It is unstable.
· The buildings and water tower, which are safety hazards, are off limits.
· Leave the soil undisturbed.
· No fires are allowed.
· No camping.
· Leave flowers and other vegetation for others to enjoy.
· Carry out what you carry in – all trash.

Prohibited Items:
· Intoxicating beverages
· Hunting

Animal Control:
· From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily, dogs must be leashed. Under owner control at all other times (dog must within sight and return upon command).
· Pet owners must immediately clean up any fecal deposits left by their pets.
· Feeding or touching wild animals is dangerous and forbidden.
· Report unusual animal behavior to the Animal Control Officer at 1 (800) 501-1111.

· Automobiles are allowed when the gate is open.
· Overnight parking is limited and allowed by permit only.
· All-terrain vehicles are not allowed.


Fee Schedule
Resident, taxpayer, Harpswell based organization or benefit to Harpswell residents or taxpayers
.5 day $100 / full day $200

Individual or organization - not Harpswell based or no benefit to Harpswell residents or taxpayers
.5 day $200 / full day $400

Not-for-profit (recognized by government)
Harpswell based or benefit to Harpswell - NONE
Not Harpswell based or not benefit to Harpswell - .5 day $100 / full day $200

For Profit Entity (use approved by Board of Selectmen)
up to 200 people $500*+
201-500 people $1000*+
over 500 people $2000*+

*requires Selectmen approval regardless of size
*+ fees listed are minimum fees and may be subject to change during Selectmen review

Reservations & Activities

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Program Event Teams Date Time
Public event - Winter Solstice Lantern Walk Thursday December 21, 2023 04:00 PM - 07:30 PM